[About Us] Our History


[ABOUT US] Our History

Miguel Minni is a Family Winery created after four generations of vine growers who, after long and arduous years of work, were able to fulfill the dream of their own winery.

It all started when Miguel Minni’s grandparents (third generation) migrated from Italy to Argentina. After settling down in the province of Mendoza, they planted the first hectares of vineyards using the wisdom they carried from their native country.

Due to changes, sector modernization and wine classification, this tradition was improved through generations over time; this made possible to obtain higher quality grapes to be sold to other wineries.

Thus, after a serious crisis in the country, Miguel Minni decided to elaborate his own grapes to obtain from it a high quality product suitable for the most demanding palates, making his first wine version back in the year 2002.

At present, the winery is run by the fourth generation in order to proceed with the transmitted experience through the years to improve even more the constant and homogeneous wine quality and to strive for excellence through innovation, dynamism and advanced technology, without forgetting that the real secret is seriousness, honesty and responsibility above all.

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